President's Message



Dear Prospective and Current The North Coast College Students,

I am honored to welcome you to our vibrant and modern community, and I commend all of you for taking the initiative to start a new chapter in your life. Higher education is no doubt a vehicle for a better life. The North Coast College has come a long way from 1966 and its first Fashion Design class of five to become an established and nationally accredited college with almost 50 years of graduating generations of successful professionals. We take pride in our history, but we look forward, as we are getting ready to embark on a journey for acquiring higher credentials and embracing modern technologies for online education. The North Coast College is the College with a strong focus on experiential learning and a place where the skills are honed from a convergence of creative and logical. Our College is student-centered and students participate in shared governance. Our operations are designed to support students with a unique six layers of student support: mentorship for academic success, coaching, counseling, tutoring, career, and financial advising. We have designed a college around you and for you. Wishing you all the best on your higher education journey,



Dr. Milan Milasinovic