Online BFA Graphic Design Program

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The Online Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design program will develop students creatively efficient and technically proficient in graphic design, web design, mobile & responsive design, digital video production, and motion graphics.VMCAD’s graphic design students will value the convergent nature of design and business in the 21st Century, the creative power of divergent idea generation, and the unlimited potential of collaboration. Their exposure to experiential learning, total emersion training, and the entrepreneurial mindset, will develop their fluid intelligence, enhance their critical thinking, and ignite their entrepreneurial spirit.

The program covers 12 quarters taken through 48 months; however, the program can be completed in 36 months by attending year-round

BFA Graphic Design Program Outline


Quarter 1


ENG101 English Writing 3
ART103 Basic Color Theory 3
GD103 History of Graphic Design 3
GD104 Typography I: Foundations of Typography 3
CD119 Career Development Seminar I 3
Total 15

Quarter 2


ENG102 Verbal Communications of Visual Concepts 3
MATH143 Foundations of Quantitative Literacy 3
HUM160 History of Art I 3
GD105 Concept Development: Print 3
GD106 Typography 2: Information Architecture 3
Total 15

Quarter 3


SS121 Emotional Intelligence 3
PHIL144 The Power of Critical Thinking 3
GD114 Design & Layout 1: Advertising Design 3
GD115 Design & Layout 2: Business Graphics 3
GD116 Design & Layout 3: Product & Packaging 3
Total 15

Quarter 4


ENG201 Principles of Rhetoric 3
HUM260 History of Art II 3
BUS200 Developing Entrepreneurial Opportunities 3
GD221 Portfolio Lab 1: GD Portfolio Preparation 3
GD205 Concept Development: Web 3
Total 15

Quarter 5


SS210 General Principles of Law 3
GD291 Web Design 1: The Anatomy of a Web Page 3
GD211 Writing for Web 3
GD224 Design & Layout 4: Logos, Symbols & Icons 3
GD Elective 3
Total 15

Quarter 6


SS260 Principles of Economics 3
GD292 Web Design 2: Designing for Interaction 6
GD Elective 3
GD Elective 3
Total 15

Quarter 7


CUL300 Idea Generation and Applied Creativity 3
CUL301 Design Principles: Theory and Practice 3
GD393 Web Design 3: Beyond the Web 6
GD Elective 3
Total 15

Quarter 8


CD319 Career Development Seminar II 3
BUS300 Entrepreneurship and Business Plan 3
GD331 Portfolio Lab 2: Final Graphic Design Portfolio 3
GD363 Designing for Personal Brand 3
General Education Elective 3
Total 15

Quarter 9


SCI300 Physics and Art 3
MATH343 Fundamental Mathematics for Entrepreneurs 3
BUS301 Entrepreneurial Finance 3
GD302 History of Film and Digital Video 3
GD303 Digital Video Gear & On-Set Fundaments 3
Total 15

Quarter 10


SCI400 The Neuroscience of Creativity 3
HUM400 History of Revolutionary Ideas 3
GD405 Concept Development: Video 3
GD435 Sound Design 3
GD436 Digital Video Production 3
Total 15

Quarter 11


BUS410 Managing Growth and Failures 3
SS401 Ethics 3
GD437 Cinematography & Lighting 3
GD438 Digital Video Editing 3
General Education Elective 3
Total 15

Quarter 12


SS430 Globalization 3
CD419 Career Development Internship 3
GD450 Digital Video Capstone 6
General Education Elective 3
Total 15

Required for all GD Students:

X040 Introduction to Computers - 2 credits

X050 Art Fundamentals or Portfolio Review - 2 credits 

Graphic Design Electives

GD225 Design & Layout 5: Strategic Design
GD226 Design & Layout 6: Design Adaptability
GD212 Principles of Motion
GD213 Digital Motion Design
GD310 Principles of Animation
GD311 Digital Animation
GD141 Principles of Illustration
GD241 Digital Illustration
GD231 Apparel Design I: Concept Development & Production Process
GD232 Apparel Design 2: Advanced Design & Production
BUS135 Design Methods
BUS215 Design Management
BUS201 Design Thinking
BUS340 Managing Innovation and Change
BUS305 Managing Creative Minds

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