Online BS Fashion Merchandising Program

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Fashion Merchandising program is designed to develop students who have an understanding of how to leverage the convergence of business and current fashion knowledge within a multi-billion dollar industry. Our intent is to expose students to experiential learning that fosters their entrepreneurial spirit, critical thought process, and fluid intelligence. Designed to prepare students for an ever-changing marketplace, the curriculum promotes an awareness of career opportunities beyond fashion apparel and teaches students skill sets that will benefit them in entrepreneurial as well as corporate endeavors

The program covers 12 quarters taken through 48 months; however, the program can be completed in 36 months by attending year-round.

BS Business Administration (Fashion Merchandising concentration) Program Outline



Quarter 1


ENG101 English Writing 3
ART103 Basic Color Theory 3
BUS101 Principles of Marketing 3
FM141 Introduction to Fashion 3
CD119 Career Development Seminar I 3
Total 15

Quarter 2


ENG102 Verbal Communications of Visual Concepts 3
MATH143 Foundations of Quantitative Literacy 3
HUM160 History of Art I 3
FM171 Principles of Retailing 3
FM164 Quantitative Retail Math 3
Total 15


Quarter 3


SS121 Emotional Intelligence 3
PHIL144 The Power of Critical Thinking 3
BUS110 Organizational Behavior Management 3
FM102 Textiles 3
FM198 Planning and Allocation 3
Total 15

Quarter 4


ENG201 Principles of Rhetoric 3
HUM260 History of Art II 3
BUS200 Developing Entrepreneurial Opportunities 3
BUS202 Information Technology in the 21st Century 3
FM205 Fashion Buying and Merchandising 3
Total 15


Quarter 5


SS210 General Principles of Law 3
BUS210 Financial Accounting 3
FM274 Visual Merchandising I 3
FM282 Accessories, Beauty and Home 3
FM265 Product Costing and Analysis 3
Total 15


Quarter 6


SS260 Principles of Economics 3
BUS220 Business Finance 3
FM275 Visual Merchandising II 3
FM207 Fashion Writing, Blogging and Criticism 3
FM208 Fashion Communications 3
Total 15

Quarter 7


CUL300 Idea Generation and Applied Creativity 3
CUL301 Design Principles: Theory and Practice 3
BUS330 Statistics for Managers 3
FM336 Social Responsibility in the Global Market 3
FM314 Fashion Show Production 3
Total 15

Quarter 8


  General Education Elective 3
CD319 Career Development Seminar II 3
BUS300 Entrepreneurship and Business Plan 3
FM386 Fashion Product Development 3
FM361 Retail Store Planning and Design 3
Total 15


Quarter 9


SCI300 Physics and Art 3
MATH343 Functional Mathematics 3
BUS301 Entrepreneurial Finance 3
FM300 Consumer Behavior 3
FM Elective 3
Total 15


Quarter 10


SCI400 The Neuroscience of Creativity 3
HUM400 History of Revolutionary Ideas 3
BUS420 Strategic Management 3
FM410 Fashion Branding 3
FM Elective 3
Total 15


Quarter 11


BUS410 Managing Growth and Failures 3
SS401 Ethics 3
FM420 Environmental Scanning 3
FM407 Convergence of Digital Technology and Fashion 3
  General Education Elective 3
Total 15


Quarter 12


SS430 Globalization 3
CD419 Career Development Internship 3
FM450 Fashion Merchandising Capstone 3
FM440 Fashion Selling and Sales Management 3
  General Education Elective 3
Total 15

Required for all FM Students:

X040 Intro to Computers - 2 credits


Fashion Merchandising Electives


FM204 Fashion Styling  
FD190 Fashion Illustration I  
BUS201 Design Thinking  
ID152 Introduction to Interior Design  
GD363 Designing for Personal Brand  
FMK415 Luxury Branding  
FMK330 Pop Culture and Media  

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