Product Innovation Apparel Careers Fair

Everyone deserves a great start to their careers after they graduate. So, in partnership with the team at PI Apparel, we are encouraging all students to attend the PI Apparel North America Careers Fair to learn from a diverse mix of industry leaders, understand the opportunity landscape within the industry and set up meetings with potential employers, enabling possible internships and work placements, from the most progressive companies in North America.

Whether you are learning skills in design, development, planning, manufacturing, sourcing, retail, merchandising or e-commerce this event, taking place on April 28th, will provide you with the knowledge and contacts needed to support a rewarding career.

It is a simple registration process, just go to and sign-up via the website.

Frontline Workers

The North Coast College is proud of the extraordinary courage and commitment shown by Frontline Workers who are bravely serving our communities during this time. The disruption to daily life has put education on hold for some, and we want to help all frontline and essential workers with their educational goals. The North Coast College is offering a substantial scholarship to all workers including those working in hospitals or nursing homes, grocery store employees, child care workers, sanitation workers, and those who deliver supplies.

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PI Apparel Careers Fair

Lakewood Is Our Home

Our name may have changed, but our home in Lakewood hasn’t. We’ve proudly called Lakewood our home since 1966, providing art and design education for generations. To celebrate our amazing community, The North Coast College is launching the Lakewood Is Our Home Scholarship exclusively to Lakewood residents. These scholarships provide Lakewood residents academic scholarship covering half of tuition for degree-seeking students. We are excited to give our community the opportunity to earn degrees in art and design fields while staying close to home. Lakewood is our home, and we want to be Lakewood’s first choice for art and design education.

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