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Mike Kubinski - Graphic Design

Mike is the Founder and Creative Director of the CLE Clothing Co. He graduated from The North Coast College (Virginia Marti College of Art and Design at the time) in 2007. He went on to found the CLE Clothing Co. in 2011 where it is has continued to grow and flourish with locations in Downtown and University Circle. His work has earned him numerous accolades over the years:

  • Best Cleveland T-Shirt - Cleveland Magazine (2009, 2012-14)
  • Best of the Best - Cleveland Magazine (2014)
  • Best Brand - Go Media's Best of the Best Design Awards (2015)
  • Best Place to Buy a Piece of Cleveland - Cleveland Scene (2015)

CLE Clothing Co. is the perfect example of the success that can be achieved when great design and strong business knowledge converge.

Jill Pietrocini – Interior Design

Principal Designer, Fluff Interior Design

“I love it when a plan comes together and when a client gets to see how all of the things we chose together (with the addition of some fun surprises) create a space that is THEIRS!”

Bradley Burke - Digital Media

SwankyBox (Bradley Burke) is a YouTuber who runs a video-game-focused channel with tens of millions of views. He speaks at conventions around the country about YouTube, storytelling, and pursuing your creative passions. By trade, he is an animator, videographer, and writer. He took the YouTube plunge in 2015 and has been living in the world of online video ever since. Brad quickly learned that teaching people through gaming was very effective. He constantly encourages those who are watching to think outside of the box and to contribute their own thoughts to the discussion. Brad’s attentiveness to each viewer’s experience has allowed him to reach the front page of Reddit twice for videos he created. Beyond that, his channel gained over one hundred thousand subscribers within the first year of pursuing it full-time. He constantly analyzes trends to deliver optimized content for a search-heavy online world. He also is a YouTube consultant for other creators and businesses.

Here is Bradley's new book: The YouTuber Journey: A Complete Guide to Pursuing a Creative Career Through YouTube. 

Jessica Sheneman – Graphic Design

Every artist doubts themselves, but literally the moment I stepped out of my car I met my very first friend and we walked together to class. After that, we had a group and we all leaned on and learned from each other through the two years. Even after we stepped out of school we still ask and search for each other's support. I happen to think the people I’ve met while at The North Coast College was the best thing I’ve gained. It helped me be confident in myself and because of that, I believe it made me work harder on everything I've created.

Amanda Hawkins - Fashion Merchandising

When I started at The North Coast College I was so nervous because I didn't know what to expect from my classes. After I finished my first week, I was confident that I had chosen the right school. The teachers were hands-on, the classes were small and everything just clicked from the start.

Brian Weltman - Interior Design

Creative Director at Retail Habitats

“To thine own self be true.”

– William Shakespeare –

Allan Geiger - Graphic Design


As a graduate of The North Coast College's Graphic Design program. Allan's dedication and hard work led him to his dream of working in Nashville at Big Machine Record Label with Grammy Award-winning artists. Allan is also the creator of Relax Max Apparel, an independent brand inspired by rock n roll and love for motorcycles and vintage art.

Cody Morrill - Graphic Design

The North Coast College prepared me for the working world, whether your a freelancer or part of something bigger the things I've learned here will keep me prepared for what’s to come in my future.

Lindsay Orin - Fashion Merchandising

"The best part of The North Coast College is how the instructors and faculty truly care about the students and our success, and really take the time to get to know everyone individually.  I like knowing that even after graduating and as I begin my career I have a support system atThe North Coast College to help me along the way and share my accomplishments with."

Lindsay currently works for Prada in New York City.

Jenna Jursinski - Fashion Merchandising

The North Coast College gave me the tools and knowledge I needed in order to start my career in Fashion!

Anna Meyer - Graphic Design

When I started at The North Coast College I had no idea the kind of impact this small little school would have on my life. I can't imagine where I would be without the people I have met and the experiences I have had.

Sarah Weaver - Interior Design

The instructors treat you as colleagues, pushing you to be your best, yet they are there to teach and provide you with assistance whenever you ask. The other students provide a healthy, competitive environment. The North Coast College's campus building is a wonderful work environment.