Careers Resources

Preparation is the key to success in any endeavor, and building your career is no exception. At The North Coast College, building a career plan and success strategy begins in the first quarter of study and continues through the final quarter. Use the following materials to assist you in building your career path.

Student-success-plan. This self-completed worksheet takes you through the various levels of Student Support at The North Coast College, identifies your strengths and challenges, and helps you identify your support system.

Resume Rubric. Does your resume meet the highest standards? Does it cover the information employers are looking for most? This document helps you "grade" your own resume.

Self-Study Guide to The Art of Writing Job Search Letters. Writing letters to complete strangers can be intimidating; add the stress of a job search and it can be a recipe for mistakes. Use this guide to help you send out letters to prospective employers that put your best self forward.

Resume Basics. This quick guide takes you through the key aspects of a modern resume. Remember, you can always schedule an appointment with Career Services to review it as well!