What is an Internship

An internship is where classroom learning and knowledge is applied in a professional setting. As a form of the experiential learning core at The North Coast College, it is a requirement of all programs for students in their final quarter of study.

Internships give students to gain valuable professional experience and network in their professional fields while also giving employers the opportunity to guide and evaluate future professionals. Students are expected to lead their individual internship search to highlight their areas of interest, with the assistance of Career Services

All internships must meet the following criteria:

  • The internship experience has a definitive job description and a defined beginning and end point.
  • Learning activities/projects should be directly related to the student's area of study and the professional goals of the student’s career field.
  • All internships should be supervised by a professional with the proper expertise in the area of study to guide the intern through the required job tasks.
  • Regular performance feedback and/or evaluations by the internship supervisor.

All internships must be approved prior to the start date by Career Services.