Our Mission


Our mission is to implement innovative and effective educational techniques while providing a cost-effective education to all students passionate about pursuing careers in the design and art industries or in the management of design and art enterprises.

We strive to create a learning environment where both the creative and business sides of the design and art industry converge. We provide aspiring artists and designers strong foundations in business and entrepreneurship, enabling them to successfully establish their own business opportunities and launch their own enterprises. Likewise, we provide future managers of creative industries with a strong foundation in art and design so they can effectively inspire, motivate and guide their creative teams and cultivate innovative thought.

Furthermore, we aim to create globally experienced and customer oriented artists, designers
and managers using the most technologically advanced and culturally sophisticated online learning environment. This, combined with real-world experiential learning will develop their 21st
century skills.


Our belief is that our new economy will build a competitive advantage in innovation. Innovation requires creativity, which our country’s business education lacks. On the other hand, our artists and designers lack linear, logical education, which is needed to make innovation useful. Hence, the vision at The North Coast College is balanced education. Our programs’ goals will be to trigger creativity and to learn how to manage innovation.

The North Coast College will become a unique college known as a place where art and design converge with business, and where technologically advanced online learning is complemented with experiential learning.

Our vision is that we will become a place known for a unique student support system composed of six layers: mentoring, coaching, tutoring, counseling, career development, and financial advising. The North Coast College will become a college where global education is a part of the curriculum, international experiences will be offered to all students, and overseas internship and studying opportunities will be available. The North Coast College will be known for internationalization of domestic students, aiming to culturally enrich our society.


Our mission is to educate students to become experts in their chosen culinary profession and to differentiate by unique and multifaceted skills as the product of a convergence of business acumen and culinary arts in domestic and international environments.

We strive to create a real-life learning environment where the creative and business sides of the culinary industry converge in a more global and diverse industry and where technologically advanced kitchens, classroom environments, retail and cyber space are complemented with real-life experiential learning. We provide our students with strong foundations in culinary arts and global business environment, so they can effectively inspire, motivate and guide their creative teams, and cultivate innovative thoughts.


  • Our values are based on our respect for all people.
  • We pay equal respect to the personhood of all human beings.
  • We consider it a duty to ourselves and duty to others to promote general knowledge and education as a special obligation to our own freedom and well-being.
  • We also promote the ability to pursue these goals.
  • Our chief values include truthfulness, trust, self-control, empathy, compassion, equal opportunities, fairness and humanity to all.
  • We are committed to fighting complacency and a ‘know it all’ attitude.
  • We are committed to promote character development and work ethic in our students through modeling positive attitudes, collaboration, drive, motivation, and the worth of all people.
  • We treat all students and employees with dignity and encouragement in order to nurture a genuine respect for the diversity of people, ideas, cultures, and abilities.