Campus Facts

At The North Coast College, students and faculty thrive in our small-school atmosphere. Our friendly campus creates the tight-knit creative community every student needs to grow and learn, with a high value for student work.


Students and faculty enjoy highly equipped labs and studios dedicated to the Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Marketing, Graphic Design and Interior Design programs. The software and studio equipment is available for student use throughout the day with instructors available to assist. From our fashion design archive of over 500 historical clothing pieces to our high-end graphic design software and systems, all of our students have access to top art and design facilities.

To encourage excellence, our department chairs select student pieces of distinction that exemplify individual classes. These pieces are traditionally displayed in the lobby gallery on the first day of every quarter, an exciting event for students.

The North Coast College strives to maintain an intimate atmosphere in all of its classes. With average yearly enrollment at 180-200 students, studio classes have no more than 12 students and lectures have no more than 30. The small class sizes allow students to interact with each other during classes and build real relationships with our experienced faculty.

Fun fact: The North Coast College warehouse was built in 1900 and originally served as a Warner Bros. Theatre. The wood-framed arched corners, which enhanced the acoustics of live music performed during the silent film showings, are still in place. The theatre was later converted to a bowling alley, and under the lanes remains most of the original theatre seating.


Our campus is located just west of Cleveland in Lakewood, Ohio. The area is rich in art culture, and Virginia Marti students are continuously adding vibrancy by following their respective paths. From the Cleveland Museum Art to the Museum of Contemporary Art to the Agora Theater, students enjoy attending art events around the area. An annual favorite is our own Student Art Exhibit, held for the past 28 years.