Student Support

Our vision is that we will become a place known for a unique student support system composed of six layers: mentoring, coaching, tutoring, counseling, career development, and financial advising. The North Coast College will become a college where global education is a part of the curriculum, international experiences will be offered to all students, and overseas internship and studying opportunities will be available. The North Coast College will be known for internationalization of domestic students, aiming to culturally enrich our society.


Each student will have access to a list of available mentors during their first quarter at The North Coast College. These mentors are available should they need academic related advice, guidance or support throughout their time at the College. The mentor will also focus on the mentee’s total development including the sharing of resources and networks.

Current students are welcome to contact any mentor on the list.  For information regarding The NCC's current mentors, please click here:  Mentor List 2018/2019


Students are partnered with Alumni who are working in the industry to provide them with practical advice and guidance throughout their time at the College.


Each department chair and faculty member has the responsibility to advise students in the area of their academic needs. In addition, each student is assigned a mentor who will continue to support and encourage the student until graduation.

Tutoring is available to students who experience academic difficulty. A student requesting tutoring should contact the Director of Student Affairs who will partner him/her with a student-tutor.

Students who volunteer their services to tutor others, must meet a minimum GPA and are compensated for their time.


A primary responsibility of the College is to offer every possible aid to students so they can utilize their own capabilities. Students experiencing emotional and mental health concerns may reach out to the Department of Student Affairs for a referral to the College Counselor. Communication between the College Counselor and the student will remain confidential and does not affect the student’s academic or social standing within the College Community.

Career Development:

The Career Services Department at The North Coast College is where students and alumni can go for career advice, resume assistance, and learn about current opportunities in their field. The development of professional, career-building, skills is at the core of The North Coast College and our placement program. To facilitate this, Career Services hosts a number of events throughout the year including job fairs, resume workshops, and networking events. As part of an experience-based curriculum, Career Services offers two courses required for all programs, Career Development/Exploration, and Internship. With a focus on building professional skills in tandem with program specific technical courses, the goal of Career Services is to provide all students with the skills needed to develop a comprehensive career strategy

Career Opportunities

Career Resources

Financial Advising

The North Coast College aims to prepare students for financial success. This includes both in business and in personal settings. An Economics course is offered which examines the basic concepts of the economy and their applications to problems and policies. Concepts include supply and demand, market and prices, income distribution, allocation of resources, contemporary economic issues, and personal finance.

The College is also working to develop a program in which students can meet with a member of the College in which to obtain basic financial advising to help with structuring their finances. They would obtain a working knowledge of their personal finances and be provided with tools to make better financial decisions, ultimately, alleviating stress due to finances.

Financial Aid