Student Life


As a student at The North Coast College, you are a critical component of our campus community. There are many opportunities to participate in and around the campus and to gain the knowledge and experiences that come from being a college student. There are student groups and clubs that are founded by students, for students and include both social and professional development.


Participation in clubs and groups is a critical component of a students’ engagement on campus. The College offers various organizations to engage students both socially and professionally. These groups include the professional organizations affiliated with the individual majors offered at The North Coast College such as;


American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)

International Interior Designers Association (IIDA)

National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA)


Fashion Group International (FGI)


American Advertising Federation (AAF)

Additionally, the College supports groups and clubs on campus that offer a more social and team-building approach. These groups include;


Focuses on team building and support and strives to help students form a positive attitude toward life and work. Their mission statement reads as follows;

“ We the Jedi of The North Coast College, in order to achieve a more relevant education, establish passion-based learning, ensure support and guidance, provide mentoring for those in need, promote a positive attitude towards life and work, and secure a defined path of excellence for ourselves and those who follow in our footsteps, do ordain and establish this JEDI INITIATIVE for The North Coast College. ”


H.I.(Health Initiative) is rooted in students participating in healthy practices to promote healthy living for the benefit of both mind and body. Events range from weekly physical activities such as sporting events and walking tours to visiting with local chefs who specialize in healthy cooking and eating practices.

The Department of Student Affairs in partnership with Student Council is continually seeking ways to engage students through their interests and offer them opportunities to connect with their peers on campus. If any student has an idea for a group or club on campus, feel free to email Student Council at [email protected] or visit the Office of Student Affairs.


Student government is a crucial component of The North Coast College campus. The council consists of a president, vice-president, and secretary. Elections are held annually and student candidates are on a volunteer basis. A minimum cumulative grade point average is required to hold a position in student government. The student body elects these officers digitally through an open election process. The student officer holds this position for one year.

These council members represent the student body by addressing their ideas and implementing new initiatives for the betterment of student life. The student president sits on the President’s Cabinet in an effort to promote the shared governance that The North Coast College prides itself on. Student Council is responsible for creating and maintaining various student groups throughout campus. These groups are designed to engage students and enrich their college experience. There are both professional and social groups and students are encouraged to offer ideas and suggestions for new groups.