BFA Interior Design Program

The North Coast College’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design program prepares a student for a successful career within the fields of commercial and residential interior design (including the Kitchen and Bath Design industry, one of the fastest growing fields of design in the nation). Our students will gain knowledge in both the creative and business sides of the interior design industry. Students graduating from the program will be prepared to apply for certifications/credentials including NCIDQ (National Council of Interior Design Qualification); NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association), and LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design). The BFA program offers students a technological advanced and cost-effective education ensuring successful completion of the degree.
The program covers eight semesters taken through 48 months; however, the program can be completed in 36 months by attending year-round.

BFA Interior Design Program Outline


Semester 1


ENGL101 Foundation of Written Communication 3
ARTS103 Color Theory and Design Principles 3
INTD101 Introduction to Interior Design 3
INTD104 Architectural Drawing and Sketching Techniques 3
CDEV119 Career Development Seminar I 3
Total 15

Semester 2


ENG102 Verbal Communications of Visual Concepts 3
MTH143 Foundations of Quantitative Literacy 3
HUM216 History of Art I 3
INTD115 History of Architectural Interiors 3
INTD198 Digital Architectural Drawings 3
Total 15

Semester 3


CUL310 Idea Generation and Applied Creativity 3
MTH343 Functional Math 3
INTD201 Digital Presentation Techniques for Interiors 3
INTD221 Space Planning Process and Application 3
INTD Interior Design Elective 3
Total 15

Semester 4


SS221 Emotional Intelligence 3
BUSN101 Principles of Marketing 3
HUM316 History of Art II 3
INTD250 Materials & Methods 3
INTD261 Interior Design Studio 1 3
Total 15

Semester 5


BUSN210 Financial Accounting for Entrepreneurs 3
SS370 Organizational Behavior 3
INTD302 Digital Presentation Techniques for Interiors II 3
INTD369 Lighting 3
INTD397 Building Information Modeling Process/REVIT Architectural Essentials 3
Total 15

Semester 6


SCI301 Physics & Art 3
INTD317 Building Systems and Detailing for Interior Designers 3
INTD330 Sustainable Design for Interior Environments 3
INTD362 Interior Design Studio II 3
GE General Education Elective 3
Total 15

Semester 7


BUSN280 Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Opportunities 3
SCI401 Neuroscience of Creativity 3
INTD402 Codes for Interiors 3
INTD463 Interior Design Studio III 3
 INTD Interior Design Elective 3
Total 15


Semester 8


CDEV419 Career Development Internship 3
SS450 Globalization 3
INTD405 Global Philosophy in Interior Design 3
INTD464 Interior Design Studio IV 3
GE General Education Elective 3
Total 15

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