BS Food and Beverage Business Management Program

LAUNCHING IN EARLY 2020!  NECI@The North Coast College's Bachelor of Science in Food and Beverage Business Management degree mirrors the program created by our sister college, New England Culinary Institute. The curriculum converges classroom work with intensive hands-on learning in the food service outlets of NECI@TheNCC. Additional hands-on lab work will be offered through intensive internal practicums, lab courses, and a final outside externship at an establishment that will appropriately challenge the student’s skills.

The BS in Food and Beverage Business Management is designed to prepare qualified students for professional level careers in the contemporary food and beverage industry. Upon completion of the program, graduates are expected to understand fundamental business, management, and entrepreneurial skills. This program is designed for individuals seeking to further their careers by learning to creatively solve problems. Upon completing the program, graduates are able to perform effectively in entry and mid-level management positions in the hospitality industry, such as assistant kitchen manager, banquet or events director, manager in a small restaurant, or assistant food and beverage manager.

In all cases, graduates are prepared to pursue further education in advanced hospitality and culinary management topics.

Educational Objectives

To best prepare students for work in business and management positions in the industry, NECI@TheNCC has established the following educational objectives:

  • To focus on the business aspects of the hospitality industry, including purchasing, safety, beverage management, cash control, community relations, training, marketing, teamwork, accounting, business writing, and entrepreneurship
  • To develop the personal and professional skills needed to succeed, including negotiation, motivation, time management, business etiquette, self-awareness, and team building
  • To improve critical and creative thinking skills

These educational objectives influence all facets of the program, from the curriculum and teaching techniques to the code of student conduct in the classroom, and serve as important guidelines for all those in the program.


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