AAS Culinary Arts Program


Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Culinary Arts degree program is based on the highly ranked culinary tradition first developed by our sister college, New England Culinary Institute, which combines classroom work, intensive hands-on learning in the kitchens, and one off-site externship.

Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts degree is a 60-semester hour credit program. It is designed for both; the student who has an established background in the culinary arts either through a high school tech program or previous experience in the commercial industry, and for enthusiasts with a passion for the culinary arts.

The first twelve months of the program are spent in a combination of technical and lecture-based classes, lab instruction, and hands-on learning in our kitchens, followed by an externship in one of over 500 approved national and international externship sites.

AAS in Culinary Arts is designed to prepare qualified students to become skilled culinary and kitchen professionals. Graduates will be able to perform effectively in key positions of commercial kitchens, which may include: à la carte cook, baker, banquet cook, rounds cook, and assistant garde manger chef. Certain students may achieve higher standing in different operations.

Educational Objectives

To achieve its primary goals of training skilled cooks, [email protected] has established the following educational objectives for the AAS degree program:

  • To impart students with a basic theoretical knowledge of cooking
  • To provide practical training in cooking skills
  • To help students develop the attributes of a professional cook, including speed, stamina, dexterity, hand-eye coordination, timing, the ability to work with others, while stressing the aesthetics of food preparation and presentation
  • To evaluate and strengthen each student’s general education in the relevant areas of English, math, food science, and culinary history
  • To provide students with the foundations of modern business management practices in the context of the food service industry
  • To secure externships that enhance student career potential

These educational objectives influence all facets of the program—from the curriculum and teaching techniques to the code of student conduct in the classroom—and serve as important guidelines for all those who study at [email protected]

Program Outline


Semester 1


ENG101 English Writing 3
CD119 Career development Seminar I 3
CA100 Culinary Foundations 3
BAKE100 Foundations of Baking 3
SAN100 Sanitation, Allergens, and Cost Control 3
Total 15

Semester 2


MTH143 Foundations of Quantitative Literacy 3
CA102 Culinary Foundations II 3
CA103 Butchery 3
HOSP100 Foundations of Hospitality 3
PRAC100 Practicum I 6
Total 18

Semester 3


SCI320 Nutritional Science 3
HUM270 Global Traditions: Culture and Cuisine 3
CA200 Culinary Methods 3
CA201 Flavor Development 3
PRAC102 Practicum II 6
Total 18

Semester 4


PORT200 Portfolio Review 3
EXT200 Externship 6
Total 9


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