AAB Fashion Design Program

The North Coast College’s Fashion Design program is for the student interested in developing the various skills required to execute original designs from concept to consumer. The curriculum combines an artistic approach with current technology and intellectual skills. It is designed to provide students the expertise needed to be successful in a career in the global fashion industry.

Students are encouraged to develop their individual design voice through a balance of construction and design education combined with creative, innovative knowledge and practices. A strong emphasis is placed on both ready-to-wear as well as haute couture practices in sewing and pattern making, and design development in studio classes. A small student-to-teacher ratio allows students to receive individualized instruction as needed.

The North Coast College’s Associate of Applied Business in Fashion Design program features 60 semester credit hours and can be completed in four semesters or 24 months. (Students who need sewing fundamentals must take a developmental sewing course, which is not part of the intended eight-quarter program.)

AAB Fashion Design Program Outline


Semester 1


ENGL101 Foundation of Written Communication 3
ARTS103 Color Theory and Design Principles 3
FASD100 Industrial Sewing and Pressing Techniques: Sewing Fundamentals 3
FASD141 Introduction to Fashion 3
CDEV119 Career Development Seminar I 3
Total 15

Semester 2


ENGL102 Verbal Communications of Visual Concepts 3
MTH143 Foundations of Quantitative Literacy 3
FASD135 Patternmaking 3
FASD198 Fashion Illustration 3
FASD102 Textiles 3
Total 15

Semester 3


SS221 Emotional Intelligence 3
FASD223 Illustrator and Photoshop for Fashion Design 3
FASD227 History of Costume 3
FASD233 Draping 3
FASD235 Techniques of Tailoring I 3
Total 15

Semester 4


CDEV219 Career development: Internship 3
FASD231 Integrative Design Studio 3
FASD236 Techniques of Tailoring II 3
FASD242 Advanced Techniques in Haute Couture Design 3
FASD252 Research and Design Development 3
Total 15

2018-2019 Gainful Employment for AAB Fashion Design

2019-2020 Shopping Sheet for AAB Fashion Design